GPS just a bit off not counting street

I noticed a street not being counted as completed while I did run it in total. It’s this activity:

For example take “Copernicushof”, I ran nicely around in a circle but it’s not being counted. Will this be corrected? :innocent:


Your activity is full of GPS points, and similarly so are Streets (referred to as Nodes). I take each of the coordinates in an activity & check for any Nodes within 25 meters of it. Those Nodes are marked as completed.
A Street is determined to be completed when 90% or more of its Nodes are complete.

My guess, in looking at Copernicushof, is that the lower one or two Nodes aren’t marked as complete because of the street/sidewalk situation.

:thinking: oh wait, it is marked as complete. :grimacing: Maybe it was the cache that was keeping it displayed as ‘progressed’. I really have to clean up that lingering cache issue. :man_facepalming:

Caching can be unpleasant at times… :wink: