Got one manual street left after recent update

The last 2 or 3 nodes are “impossible” as are in back gardens.
I tried in OSM to cut the “street” back to where it actually ends and seems successful from the map but still got 2 “stranded” nodes hence why marked as manually complete.

Fixing the roads in OSM is step one. Then James has to run the update process on the city.

If he’s already run the process on the city before you made the change, you’ll need to wait until he runs it again to have your change reflected in CS.

The last I heard, he estimates that it’ll take about 200 days to cycle through all the cities. You can either practice patience - my approach to corrections made in OSM - Or you can mark the street manually complete.

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That is kind of my point as all my other OSM changes seem to have “worked”.

Actually though now you come to mention it, this is just over the border to my “city” so maybe that city is to do. It is an S but my own is an E so maybe there is a factor…