Getting lots of notifications

I’m seeing a lot of notifications of progress. Cleared them all yesterday but today I see I have over 400 unread progress notifications showing on the notifications page. That seems a lot considering I only completed 2 streets yesterday !

I have 778 notifications!:scream:

Chiming in to agree that the notifications barraged me today, 123 at once, mostly about streets that were imported when I first joined CityStrides and from runs in cities I ran in more than 3+ years ago in some cases.

Oof! Thanks for reporting this!

I had a - probably related - issue with Twitter notifications being sent out way too much. I probably have to clean up the in-site notifications in the same way. I’ll figure this out as fast as I can.

There should only be a handful of notification types right now…

  • activity deleted
  • city updated from OSM
  • milestone progress in a city (5, 10, 15, etc percent complete)

Phew…they just keep coming.

All ‘milestone progress’ but some of them are 0%?
Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 09.48.47

Congratulations? :laughing:

The core issue is that I shoehorned this Notification code into the existing Twitter notification code … but I added it outside of the existing checks on:

  • is the current percentage complete above the next “milestone” amount (5, 10, 15, etc)
  • is the previous notification earlier than today (eg handling two activities in one day that increase progress beyond a milestone)

The next release will add these checks, so you won’t get a notification for basically every city after every activity.

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OK, this should be all cleaned up now - including deletion of all existing “city progress” notifications.

Please do complain loudly if they’re still noisy.