Garmin Navigation Run Not Syncing

I ran Jan 22 using the navigation feature on my Garmin 935. I can’t get it to show up on Citystrides.
I notice it posted to Garmin Connect and Strava as a Workout instead of a Run and I’m sure that’s the root of it. I changed the type on both to Run, logged out of and back in to Citystrides, then resynced with no luck.
Any help to get me that sweet endorphin boost of seeing my updated map in Citystrides?

I kludged a fix but I’d still like to find a better solution.
I exported a GPX file from Garmin, loaded it to my long dormant MapMyFitness account, turned off Citystrides syc for Garmin, logged out of Citystrides, logged back in and set up MapMyFitness as my third party, and let it sync.
Ugly, but it got my 39 streets.

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There’s a “single activity sync” feature in your Settings page that might help in these cases. You might have been able to edit the activity to a Run/Walk, and then requested it from there.

Garmin only allows activities to be requested once though so make sure it’s good in Garmin before trying that.

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