Friends not seeing my recently completed streets

I just realized that my running partners are not seeing the streets that I completed recently when they look at my map. They can see my older ones, but those from approximately the last month are missing. I have not changed anything in my settings.
Any idea why?

What I see:

What he sees:

Yeah, it’s your privacy level.
Head into your settings page (linked from the top right menu) & review the Privacy options (on the left side of the page on desktop & in the first block near the top of the page on mobile).

Just in case - Garmin doesn’t send me any privacy information for activities, so if your account is set to “Per Activity” then I really have no choice but to mark those as “Just Me”.

Thanks @JamesChevalier. It is indeed set to “Per Activity”. Would “Everyone” be the correct choice if I want anybody to see all of my activities?

Yeah, that’s right:

Everyone: Completely public

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One last question, will this be retroactive or only apply to future activities?

It’s retroactive. When you update that selection, I kick off a background job that updates all of your activities with the new setting. Because it’s done in the background job system, it could take some time to complete - but that queue is completely clear right now, so it should be quite fast.

Additionally, after the activities are updated the advanced LifeMap is regenerated - that can take a few seconds or 45mins+ depending on how many activities you have.

Awesome, thanks a lot!