For subscribers on standard mode, show number of nodes completed on streets with more than ten nodes

It would be useful to see the remaining vs completed node count on streets where I’m aiming for 90% completion. On streets with 300+ nodes, it’s hard to determine how close I am to completion.

This feature request feels more like it could be applicable to all Supporters - hard mode or not.

The Go button for each street takes you to its page, which displays a progress bar & map where completed nodes are purple and incomplete nodes are red.

Does the progress bar meet your needs?

Do you also want to see the exact numbers?
Which style display is more appealing in that case?
Something like “Completed 8 of 17 Nodes / 0.22 miles”
… or “17 Nodes (9 remaining) / 0.22 miles”

I might be able to include the progress bar and/or exact number stats in the lists, to have them look something like the city list (under the globe tab) on your profile page. I don’t know offhand, since those are shared and adding per-user data points may be complicated/costly … I’ll need to look into that.

This is interesting phrasing, because I never intended this calculation to be the goal. I expected/intended 100% to be the goal. The 90% calculation was done in the hopes of addressing poor GPS and bad OSM data (we’ve all gotten much better over the years at addressing the bad OSM data, making that less of a need).

Just to reply to this last point—the reason I’m “aiming for 90% completion” on some streets is because I’m usually running with a baby in a stroller, so my risk tolerance is likely lower than others’. On long streets, there are almost always construction projects, no sidewalks on one side of the street, etc. Other runners might just jog in the street to get around those, but, you know, baby on board makes for a more cautious runner. Having the 90% goal frees me to avoid areas that feel unsafe to me.

I hadn’t realized there was a progress bar—I’ll take a look, but that likely will suffice!

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Just confirming that the progress bar is more than sufficient—thank you!

It’s cool to hear of another use of this 90% calculation. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome… I’ll look into how ‘expensive’ it is to add to the lists, as well.