Flagged Streets Feature


I like the idea of the new Flagged Streets feature for allowing users to chime in on whether they agree or disagree with a flagged street before it is officially removed, but I feel it would be more effective if the flagging feature had a mandatory Reason field for users doing the flagging to briefly make the case for removal of a street to other users who are being asked to agree or disagree. Flagging used to have a Reason field (has it been removed?) so there are some flagged streets that still show a reason.

Including a reason for flagging a street is very helpful when crowdsourcing a decision to remove a street. Likewise, allowing and displaying comments when users disagree would also be helpful.

There is a flagged street in my hometown — a street which is runnable and which I have already completed — and I can’t understand why it would be flagged. Including reasons would inform me why it was flagged and inform the original flagger why I clicked the Disagree button.