Fix an individual run?

I’ve been looking through the forums but I’m seeing if this has been answered before.

On my run today two issues cropped up. 1) I stopped but forgot to restart my watch 2) My watch froze so it didn’t get the end of my run.

I found a place where I can modify the GPX file but I don’t see a way to adjust or replace the run in citystrides. Is it possible?


You need to fix the run where CS gets the run from, not in CS. As for the details, it depends on which site(s) you’re using.

@andy.morgan.accounts there isn’t a simple fix, but you can follow these steps:

  1. Delete the run from CityStrides (select the activity, then click in the top right and choose “delete”)
  2. Crop the run in whatever source system you have
  3. Export the run to .gpx and save it on your computer
  4. Delete the run from whatever source system you have
  5. Upload the .gpx back into the source system from where it is saved on your computer

This gets rid of the bad data in CityStrides, then creates a new activity for CS to recognize and pull in

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Thanks for the pointers folks. I’ve done the above. But the run isn’t re-appearing.

I’ve waited a few hours and done sync now a couple of times.

I logged out and back in.

I’m sync’ing with garmin if that makes any difference.

I used WTracks to fix the GPX file. Which was to extend the end of the run and add in some points in the middle of the run.

Anything else I should try? Any chance it will show up after I do a new run tomorrow?


Looks like I spoke too soon. I thought that process worked but actually did that for an activity last week and am just realizing it didn’t load. Might need @JamesChevalier’s input on this one.

Oh, yeah, just about everything around Garmin is brand new / custom. There’s no “sync now” for Garmin yet (ever?).

For now, share the activity date and I can manually sync that for you.

I’ve got one from May 15th. There were multiple activities that day. I had a walk I forgot to stop, and ended up with a mile in the car. I trimmed, deleted, and resynched.

I wouldn’t really care in the grand scheme of things- but that activity helped push me to 100% completion of my town…

May 16th for me. It is the only activity on that day. Don’t really want to rerun the 19 miles. :slight_smile:

Another option is to do the editing in Garmin or other FIT file editor (fitfiletools), get the corrected FIT file on your computer/phone/local device, then delete on both Garmin and CS.

When you go back into garmin connect and upload the corrected FIT file it will push the “new” activity to CS

This is what I had done. Based on James’ response above I’m not sure it actually gets the push. It sounds like it is a pull from CS.

@JamesChevalier I see that run now and I suspect that is your doing. Thank You.

Happy the activity showed up :smile:

As for what’s going on behind the scenes, Garmin notifies CityStrides of new activities (this includes all info I need, outside of privacy info for some reason)
Old activity syncing works where CityStrides sends a request that asks for activities within a certain time frame & Garmin acknowledges the request then sends notifications for those activities as if they had just happened

Unfortunately the activity I was referencing above did not show up like Andy’s did.

Strava activity: May 15, 2020 Walk
User profile:

Is this it? David Morin's Activity on May 15, 2020 - CityStrides

No that’s the correct day, but it was a different activity.


When I follow that Strava link Strava tells me the activity doesn’t exist

“the requested activity could not be found”

It’s a private activity.