Finished 25 streets and they are still marked as “Progressed”

Today activity ( shows 25 streets as “Progressed” although they are actually finished.

How can we fix that? I don’t want to mark them manually finished.

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I have the same issue today with this activity: Mel Cox's activity on July 21, 2022 - CityStrides.

Patience. Check status page

Activity syncing may be delayed

It may not appear in the charts below, but there is likely some delay to activity syncing right now. A lot of new people joined CityStrides at once, which can overload the servers. Throttling activity syncing keeps everything from falling apart.

Thanks, I was wondering about the same. Will check status next time. (but good to hear that so many new people are joining CS! Success!)

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Hi all - see James’ comment in another thread, there is just a processing delay: Street shows incomplete even though all nodes completed - #4 by JamesChevalier . Patience and your street counts will be updated when whatever is plaguing the CS server is resolved :slight_smile: