Filters for lifetime map display

I’ve been curious to see relatively how quickly I have been progressing. I don’t care all that much about the streets completed percent, especially considering the issue I mentioned in Suggestion: Interpolated nodes to address premature street completion, but I like to look at the maps.

It would be great to be able to see a map of just the runs from a given year. Perhaps there could be some sliders to control the start and end dates for runs to display, or at least have some presets such as by year.

What I ultimately would love to do is create an animated GIF of my runs for each year, where each year’s runs would be marked in a different line color, and they pile up to the present time. That might be more difficult to do in your interface, as you’d need not only controls for date range and color but also handle multiple ranges.

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Oh, and I forgot to return to my first point. This might be a separate feature request. I’d love a timeline type profile to show completion by year or some arbitrary unit. Perhaps it could be similar to the miles run graphs on Runkeeper where it’s a bar or line graph over time showing percent city completion and you can control the endpoints and bin size. If you implemented some sort of filter on the activities, then the interface could show a percent completion for the runs represented on the map with the given filters. I imagine this would be calculated as if those runs were the only runs, such that the sum of percents across two years would exceed the total city completion percent since there would be overlap.

Briefly looking at the way the map is constructed now, it looks like the activities are indeed separated (after being decoded from encodedPolylines. So that makes it a lot easier than if the activities were all merged together to generate the lifetime maps… I guess you could add a few more fields into the data for each map for date and perhaps activity type to allow filtering on that as well.

Check out the new filter button in
There’s some more info over in Beta: LifeMap performance - #53 by JamesChevalier

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Thank you for following up here on this post (which is how I found out)! Awesome!!!