Filter out buildings and other non-runnable features


Also, Substation in a “street name” usually means “Railroad tracks” and “lot” means parking lot.


I really like CityStrides: it really changed the way in which I run. In trying to run as many streets as possible in Liège, Belgium, I also encounter the problem of many nodes being placed on rivers, railways and highways. I try to flag the really ‘unrunnable’ parts of town, but am not sure the system accepts my flags. Is there any way to make sure these will be deleted as streets?


Why not “private stats” that would exclude the features a user has tagged? It could complement the moderation system.

If feature has been flagged by only 1 user, then it is removed from the streets this user has to run. Stats are calculated accordingly. Maybe those stats remain private or as tagged as such in any way.

If feature has been removed through moderation system, then it is removed for all users.


What I do is flag a “nonstreet” then mark it complete manually, so it comes off my list of streets to run. Unfortunately, it does skew my total street run count and % run, but I’m hoping when the streets are removed, those will be reduced to the correct number.


Suggestion: auto-remove anything that has been flagged by at least two runners who each have 30% or more streets completed.
Plain, simple, scalable.


Another option, is apointing local admins for this.


I think the last two ideas are great. I try to flag all the non-runable features in all the cities I run in and I find a lot of them. With all the growth in this website, I think the more people helping out this this the better. Appointing admins with authority to delete features or an method of automatically deleting after reported enough times.


Any update here? I’d really like to hit 100% in my city, and I’m pretty close, if not for the impossible “streets”.


And just after I asked, a lot of flagged elements disappeared from my city. Thanks! This helps.


I flag anything that’s not obviously runnable… that includes buildings, land boundaries, freeway, and inaccessible private streets. I don’t mark it manually complete, and I figure that the map will just catch up eventually. It’s up to the community to fine-tune the map. I suggest that there should be a vision statement of some kind as to what features should be runnable in the system.


Hi James! Do keep us posted on a potential moderation system. Most items that are not runnable in my city have been flagged by multiple users. This should be enough to deal with those items.


Hi all, as I started getting close to finishing my city recently (85%) I started looking at my list of incomplete streets and realized about half of them were buildings in town, which in most cases are not runnable. I started going through and flagging them, but when I saw this thread I realized that there was no way that James could keep up with manually deleting all of the flagged items. So then I started marking them as complete after I flagged them, thinking that my percentage would change as they were moved to the completed list. After digging deeper into the forum threads I realized why my percentage won’t update when I manually flag buildings, but now I’m at a loss to what to do. Am I destined to be stuck at 85% forever?


@kimluce99 If you’re manually completing buildings and your % isn’t changing, you should probably raise a new bug thread in the support forum.


Thanks for the suggestion, @supermitch. It was my understanding from reading previous threads that this was by design, so that people didn’t just start marking streets as complete to move up the leaderboard. I thought maybe James had to completely remove them in order for my percentage to start changing.


No, i can confirm, that when you manually flag as completed, you can reach hundred %. It’s about the ‘all streets run’, not ‘other object run’ on this site. But some other members here make a sport of not flagging at all and still trying to reach 100% :slight_smile:


Thank you, @petje. Did you both flag them as non-runnable and also mark them as complete? I’m also doing both, but I’m just wondering if maybe they won’t truly be completed/removed until James is able to remove them. You can see from the screenshot below that my percentage is still stuck at 85% (which is where I was before starting to manually flag and mark buildings as complete) but if you divide 1188 completed streets by 1320 total streets it should be 90% now. It just seems weird that I’m the only person having this problem!


Yes i flag as not runnable, and at least a 2 word explanation why. Like ‘river’ or ‘church’ or ‘fenced off’. so one day this non street objects can be removed.
After that i flag a manually completed. I have now 5 cities on 100%, so it worked that way for me.



“… buildings in town, which in most cases are not runnable. I started going through …”

BIG round of applause for running through those buildings anyway!
Just kidding – we know what you meant.

There’s actually a series of runs here in the Netherlands that are specifically designed to take you through buildings. Check it out:


side note: that is a beautiful looking map!


You know … you’re right!
I spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve things, finding what’s broken, thinking of new features … a lot of time spent dealing with things being unfinished/imperfect/unstarted… but…

That map is amazing!
You’re ALL accomplishing amazing things!

I don’t know what the word is for what I feel, but I’m stopped by your accomplishments. You’re all pushing yourselves to such great heights. I’m so happy just to be a part of it.

Keep it up, everyone! Have fun out there.