Ethics and Fairplay

Hey guys, just wanna share a situation with you and have your thoughts on the topic.

I was in first position in my city at nearly 95% yesterday. The second one was at 74%. Then, yesterday evening he got to 100% in a single day! It appears that he voluntarily hold back around 25 activities from july to october then he published them and took the first place. He was still publishing activites not related to Citystrides during this period. I believe that he did that so I can’t see his real progress and pass me at the finish line without even knowing he was close.

What do you think of that situation? I feel like it is some form of treachery or at least not fairplay at all.

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When you finish and get to 100%, you’ll both be listed in first place. Use it to motivate it to finish the city earlier. It’s certainly odd, but you can’t worry about other’s motivations. Once you finish the city, there’s no record of who was “first” (that I have found).


There’s also no reward or really any stakes for adding multiple activities, other than having a more accurate record if they are indeed real activities.


The problem is not about adding activities, but about HIDING activites from another strider when you are clearly in competition with for the first place.

Anyways, like you said, there’s no prize or reward.


I do understand, however the “competition” is difficult, as there are no clear rules.
But for me transparancy, is just fair play.
Hiding activities is for me a problem for the other strider (if this is how he wants to “win”), although it can be frustating.


I can understand how that would be frustrating - it’s no fun to feel like people are sneaking around behind your back! A friend of mine encourages me to look for positive interpretation of others’ behavior so I wonder: it possible that the other person was using two different devices or trackers and only recently figured out how to sync one?

No, I seriously doubt that. At the begining of the summer everything was legit and normal as long as he was in first place. Then, at the end of june I took the first place. After that, he hide his map and activities, wich is ok. And his % move really slowly which was surprising to me, in july, august, septembre and early october. Moving slowly but still moving.

All his acitivities are recorded by Strava from the beginning. He

Then, saturday the 16, he went from 74 to a 100% by publishing in one shot all his biggest activities, around 20 activities, from the last months. I was myself at 94% and a few days from finishing in first place. He was clearly using not posting some of his activities as a strategy to lure me and the others striders. Not fair!

Anyways, I’m at a 100% now, and completed also the new streets not listed in Citystrides. As far as I know (he haven’t published his entire map yet), he has not done those streets.

So, I can claim that I am the first and only person to have run ALL the streets in my town.


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