Error on mobile

It was working when I first tried it, but now mobile gives me an error when I try to view any map. Safari, iPhone 8.

Web works ok, just mobile is crashing and returning an error after trying multiple times to load the map.

Is it possible for you to share the error message?
I’m also wondering if it happens on smaller city pages like Munsey Park, New York - CityStrides
Oh, and I’m also wondering if it happens in a private/incognito window

Your LifeMap is pretty big. I’ve seen issues at certain amounts of activities - after a certain amount, some devices can’t keep up. I would have expected an iPhone 8 to keep up, though. :thinking:

The error is

A problem repeatedly occurred on “Natick, Massachusetts - CityStrides.

It happens with any city map I try on mobile. Also occurs both regular browser mode and Private mode in Safari.

One thing also is I tried to delete an activity that had bad data. The desktop version is working but still shows the deleted activity in the map. Not sure if this could have anything to do with it. But again, desktop doesn’t return an error.

So – another update. I’ve tried it on mobile with Chrome in both regular mode and incognito, and get the same thing. It tries to load the map twice, and then takes me to an error page, as above with Safari. I also tried restarting the phone, and that didn’t help.

From reading past posts, I wonder if it might have something to do with bad data from an activity. I tried to delete an activity that had bad data but it still shows up (on desktop).

Thanks, Adam

To clarify – I removed the activity in Mapmyrun, deleted the activity in CS, and its not listed in CS anymore, but its still on the map when I view desktop. Was 10/18/15

Oh, interesting! It might be because the data is still stored in the browser. Clearing your browser data would resolve that - also, a less invasive but more technically involved process is to visit the CityStrides website, open the developer tools in the desktop browser, visit Storage, and delete the ‘activities’ in ‘citystrides’ from the ‘Indexed Databases’ area.
I’m unsure of a similar mobile-friendly method of removing specific data without clearing the entire browser storage. :frowning_face: