Duplicate cities

When I look at the list of cities I have in progress I’ve spotted that there are a handful of US cities that appear twice.

South Kensington, Maryland is an example. There seem to be 2 very similar cities defined in CityStrides. Both called South Kensington, Maryland and both with the same number of streets (112) but with slightly different total lengths 70.94 / 70.97 km and with different number of striders 117/131

South Kensington, Maryland - CityStrides and South Kensington, Maryland - CityStrides

Wondering why ?

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@JamesChevalier - any thoughts on what’s causing this problem ?

Oh, yeah, Maryland in particular has a fair number of duplicates. I think I didn’t have duplicate protection when I re-imported it. I just haven’t cleaned it up, yet.