Driveway tags


In several areas I have run there are many driveways with nodes that range between “just out of reach to be marked complete when running on the road” to “partially gated”. Would it be possible to exclude segments tagged service = driveway from the query?

I know there’s the option to simply manually mark these roads as “complete”, but I think it would be better not to encourage citystriders to run up to houses - I would personally find that uncomfortable both as a resident and a runner.



Yeah, this is already updated.

I’m working through global updates now Now Testing: City street/node updates

This post contains some info on the query I use to collect data About the Node, Street, and City Data & also includes a link to the query itself (direct link so you don’t have to hunt)


Oh man. Sorry, @JamesChevalier. I was actually hunting for the latter link, but probably just a bit more than average blind.

Thanks! I’m very excited about all the stuff you’ve added lately, lots of great additions.