Downloadable Data for Each City

I would love the ability to download a CSV file of all the streets within a given city, with data for the total number of nodes in that street, as well as the number of nodes I have completed. (Optionally, it could include percentage of nodes complete and number of nodes still to complete for each street, but that would be easy enough to calculate myself too.) This would allow me to filter all the streets in the city to show, for example, only the streets where I’ve completed 80-90% or only streets where I need only one or two more nodes to complete.

It would be awesome to see this functionality incorporated into Citystrides, where I could filter the map to show only streets that meet certain criteria (e.g., 80-90% complete, <5 nodes left, 0% complete, etc.), but I am also assuming that this would require a lot more coding to implement. It seems like the downloadable spreadsheet idea would likely be something that would be easier to implement quickly. Any chance this would be possible?