Doscussing stats until we have a leaderboard

Ok so until we get a leaderboard…who is in the low 400s for global rank? How many streets do you have? I’ve been fluctuating between rank 420-440 and I’m at 2610 streets, rank 425 as of May 21, 2021.

I can’t wait to see replies to this :smiley:

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The update to show our own ranking has gamified my brain and spurred me to increase my mileage and streets. I’m knocking on the door of top-100 with 4325 streets (global rank 104)

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It is crowded at the top: my rank is 3, but it was still 2 about a week days ago, and I was hoping to catch no 1, but after all the recent changes and OSM updates (in particular the switch in Brussels from counting each municipality separately to counting streets for the city as a whole) it would be very difficult unless I move to another city. Most of the streets in the reasonable distance are already covered, and the marginal cost for reaching ca.1000 I need to equalise the leader seems prohibitive even if he stops progressing (there is no indication of that). To be a leader, as of today you need 12733 streets. For number 3, you need 11785.


Same. I had been running an unincorporated area (not in citystrides) until the ranks came out, now I’m driving 15 minutes to the next town to run!

When I lived in Boston I used the citybikes to save my legs a bit, was very useful because of being able to make 1-way trips.

Going out on a,limb here, but this is the least important feature to me, but fill your boots if it’s what you are into👍

I have rank 16 now with roughly 7500 streets. But if it would be 6 or 600 i don’t mind. I have the personal challenge of completing my prefered city (and soon finishing it and starting the next city) And the rank is not my goal in any way. I just like seeing my lifemap coverage grow :slight_smile:


As of today’s run, I just got to 98th with 4423 streets :sunglasses: so I can say that currently, the threshold to reaching top-100 is somewhere around ~4400 streets

Also, I have no problem saying that I too enjoy cultivating my own cool lifemap, and challenging myself on my city/surrounding areas, but also like watching my global ranking climb! Nothing wrong with competing, especially in an abstract endeavor with zero stakes :sweat_smile: