Disconnect a sync service?


I was fiddling around and ended up adding a redundant sync relationship (runkeeper)… how can I disconnect it?

Are there any activities in that second tracking service that are not in your main tracking service?

I don’t think there is in that account… What was trying to do, was set a different account that I could upload activities that seemed orphaned (1/21, 2/9, 2/11) but trying to clever is worse than just being patient. (Actually it did seem to work! But I’m still curious about disconnecting or changing the credentials used for sync service.)


I’ve started a sync for your account, to get those missing activities into CityStrides. That should take care of that issue…

I can delete the extra (Runkeeper) identity, but all of the activities associated to that service will be deleted from CityStrides. I’d like to hold off on that for the moment, because I’m still figuring out how to manage this server load (deleting a bunch of data will only add to that load).
I’ll keep this thread updated as I work through this…

Alright, @samteigen - should be safe for us to take a look at this.
Can you go to OneASICS | One Account. OneASICS. and de-authorize CityStrides? After that’s done, the next sync will remove all that data but leave your Strava data in place.

I believe I had previously deleted the erroneous activity from Strava in the past, but it’s probably synced up and existing on either Runkeeper or MapMyRun (I’ve used all 3 services, and have my activities Sync to all 3).

Problem is, when I signed up to CityStrides, I attached all 3 services to my CS account… so therefore bad data that I’d previously cleared out of my Strava heatmaps is showing up here.
I can’t find a way to disconnect accounts - is this possible, or something you can do for me? I’d like to disconnect Runkeeper and MapMyRun from CityStrides in order to get CS to only use Strava data (since I’ve gone to the effort of cleaning up my Strava history, so it’s the only source I now trust).
And I guess the followup question will be - once those accounts are disconnected, will my activities connected to them be auto-removed? That would be good if so… otherwise I’d have to manually delete hundreds of activities.

If it makes things any easier - you could simply detach and wipe all accounts/activities from my account, and then I can re-connect Strava and CS could re-sync all of my (Strava-only) activities.

Sorry to be a pain - appreciate any assistance/advice!

I only use Strava so i don’t know about Runkeeper or MapMyRun, but i can revoke access to citystrides in Log In | Strava.
You sure there’s not somewhere you can do the same in the Runkeeper or MapMyRun

If you can delete all your activities in Runkeeper, you can use https://tapiriik.com/ to sync Strava and Runkeeper.

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Like @hjkiddk said - to remove services from your CityStrides account, you just have to revoke access from within those tracking services. When CityStrides sees it has lost access, it will delete data attached to that service.

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Thanks @JamesChevalier and @hjkiddk - Of course I can go that way - thought I’d find something in CS to do it. All good :slight_smile:

Okay, for those who come across this Thread, here are the links you need for each Service:

Strava: Log In | Strava
RunKeeper: OneASICS | One Account. OneASICS.
MapMyRun: MapMyRun or MapMyRun

Hope this helps!

Hi Guys,

So even though I do not have City Strides connect to MapMyFitness any longer, my profile in City Strides shows it as connected. More so I can see data that i believe is from MapMyFitness which I would like get rid of. I don’t think there is a way to ID a bit of data as to what activity, time and service it came from unless I’ve missed it but I am only interested in having my Strava data here. Can you advice on how to proceed?


If you revoke access from within MapMyFitness, this should cause the associated data to be deleted from CityStrides. You’ll still have all your Strava data - just the MapMyFitness activities will be deleted.

Tech person to tech person - yes, that should work! I did do that awhile back but the MMF data still shows and my CityStrides profiles shows that it is connected. TBH, I lean in your favor in that MMF has never been a solid developer platform and is still providing access to the data. As an example i was able to narrow down an activity for reference that is from MMF:



Well, on the positive side, this is all stuff I can do manually & the activities are clearly marked as to where they came from. :+1:

Awesome! No rush though, I know this isn’t life or death but should there be a process time when you can do this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!