Delete activity on paused source connection?

All, and @JamesChevalier specifically,

How is the system reacting to deleting an activity that was synced using strava, that i now have on ‘pause’?
I guess the activity will be deleted in CS and the nodes covered by that walk/run will be set to ‘still to do’.
And since the connection to the source (for me strava) is paused, it stays that way. Correct?

And what happens to activities that are deleted the same way, but have another activity on the same nodes done later, will the node completion be relocated to that activity?

For me it would be a bless to get rid of some activities from the past that i couldn’t delete since auto resync would re-import the activity, but now that it is on paused, the problem would be solved, and the pausing functionallity would help me achieving something previously diffcult/impossible