Completed streets not shown as completed

Hi, I am new to CityStrides and have contributed as a supporter to try.
I have created a challenge. Completed a number of streets, well shown on the challenge map. However in the count and percentage, it still shows no streets completed. Anything I am missing? Thanks!

Can you share the link to your Challenge?

Without seeing any data, yet, I can only guess … maybe the Challenge is set for a date range that’s outside of the range of your activities. It could have also been a delay - Challenges are in a separate queue.
I should be able to figure out more after I have the link to your Challenge.

Hi James. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Here is what I hope is the link you are ask .
I have labeled my challenge as public so I am surprised you cannot just see it.
My challenge (Toutes les rues de Nicolet, which means all the streets of Nicolet) actually populates with my runs (3 so far) between the dates 21 nov 2021-endless. So , the map shows my progress, cumulative itineraries in town, but the “listing” shows 175 incomplete- 0 complete. Of course many streets are actually complete….
I hope I am not too confusing.

Many thanks,

It’s less about not being able to see it & more about not having the time to go hunt for it. :smiley:

No, this was all very helpful!
It looks like you’ve spotted a bug that I’m surprised hasn’t been found already. Your Challenge has no end, and some of my code did not work well with that - it basically interpreted it as you having no active Challenges.
I’ve got a fix for this that I should be able to release today/tomorrow.

Ahhh! Very interesting James!
Actually I have just created a “new” challenge, that is the same challenge under a different name, and this time I have put an end date.
Bingo!, this “version” of the same challenge shows the number of completed and incomplete streets, with the % of completion.
Thanks again for having looked into it, much appreciated!

Your other Challenge is fixed up now as well. Feel free to delete the one that you’re not going to use.

Awesome! Yes I see that it is fixed, (good job!) and will delete one of the two. Many thanks again James!