Completed streets not showing up

Hi there,

I have many streets I have completed - all nodes are green - but they do not show up as completed in the city list.

I have an attached a pic as an example.
I’m happy to go through and manually say I have completed them, but would like to see my percentage.

Nah, hold off on marking anything manually completed. There are some dumb caches in place that cause delays on the progressed/completed street lists.

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Ahh thanks James. Looking forward to seeing the ‘real’ percentage. Thanks so much for the great website.

1 question - I have both runkeeper and strava connected. Would this add to a backlog? Issue with double activities being uploaded?


Great to have you aboard.

The RunKeeper, no. The Strava, yes. If everything comes in from Runkeeper, it is best for the backlog if you pause Strava to keep those from adding to the queue.

As I understand it, yes, there will be two of everything if you keep them both connected. It won’t double-count your streets as only the first activity to process in an area will get credit for any nodes you cross. You can delete activities from your profile by going to the top right menu from within an activity. Double-processing does use additional processing time on the CS server, though, and that isn’t free.

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As @jpbari said, Strava can be paused now, on the settings page, found at your pulldown, top right corner, of the main page:

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Hi James

Thank you for all you do, its a great app and is getting me out to all sorts of interesting places and keep sharing it with other locals. My first Garmin syced run came up with both streets showing all Nodes completed but the streets are showing up as incopmlete…

Putting it on here in case its related to the Garmin Sync… Probably just me being impatient?

James said elsewhere that there were some server tasks hogging a bunch of processing so things were lagging. When nodes are marked but not reflected as “completed” from a streets standpoint, you are right, it is almost always just patience.


And sure enough, now caught up!!

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I have a recent run recorded on my Garmin and synced to both strava and mapmyrun…

I see the updated map, but citystrides doesn’t show any of the roads as completed.


I know you posted this yesterday, so if you have not yet done so, check it again. Once an activity is in CS, it is almost always just that it takes some time (sometimes more than others depending on background jobs) for CS to figure out. The usual progress is first it will say 0 and 0 (progressed an completed) then it will show them all as progressed, then it will show them correctly. This might take place very quickly, or it may take a bit to go from stage to stage, but it almost always gets there.

If it indeed has not processed properly, share a link to the CS activity page and @JamesChevalier can take a look.

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