Completed Streets in San Francisco now shown as Incomplete


I have about 26 streets left to complete, but when I click on my pinned city page, San Francisco → Incomplete, the number went back up to 182.

However, if you click on an individual street, 100% of the nodes are marked as complete.

Here’s my link: San Francisco, California - CityStrides

Thanks for your help,

  • AJ

When I look at your SF page I see 2185 complete and 38 incomplete streets?

Thanks. It looks like someone updated the streets on OSM and there are some “new” streets added to the list.

Unfortunately, that means I have a bit more work to complete from this point.

Well, my point was rather that it wasn’t 182 incomplete. Maybe some delay in CS processing?

Yes, earlier in the day, 182 streets were noted as incomplete, but I agree that the system was still processing.

This is due to the city update process/code. I have to break the work up into chunks, which has a side effect of allowing stats to go ‘off’ for a period of time during the update. It all gets sorted out again, eventually, but it’s definitely a nuisance I intend to look into fixing.