Completed streets but not yet counted

In this activity I completed 8 more streets but it still shows as progressed, not completed:

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I, too, have that same issue for that same date (June 23, 2020). The streets calculated progress correctly, but completed streets are still at zero even though some streets on that run were completed.

I have one too. Says 0 completed and 21 progressed, but there are clearly completed streets.

The servers are having a tough time keeping up with the load. Keep an eye on CityStrides specifically activity processing delay
Let me know if things still look wrong in a couple days

// @dljamet_1999 @rpiccolino

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I have a similar issue for that same date (June 23, 2020). completed streets are still at zero even though I completed 10+ streets. Strava

7 hour delay for supporters currently, the servers must be really slammed!

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 1.12.18 PM

Yeah, it’s a mess right now.
Strava increased the API limit for CityStrides :tada:
but it turns out that processing everything at the new limit is a world away from the old requirements :sob:
I’ve had to increase the size of one of the servers twice already :flushed:

On the positive side, I’m down to ~225k queued activities … just a few days ago there were 500k+
If I can keep the servers online, I’ll actually catch up on the Strava queue :exploding_head:

It’ll just be a little rough getting there - hopefully nothing beyond this weekend, though.
Thanks for your patience!


Thanks James, my activity uploaded quick enough From Garmin but the Life Map generation hasn’t updated. It has been about 6 hours, is this the same issue?



I’m afraid my run of 23rd June still has not been calculated correctly. The problem does not seem to be related to the processing delays. I noticed there are striders with more recent runs that have been processed correctly. Could you please have a look at this run again and re-process it if possible? If not I could try to delete and re-send the activity.

Thank you in advance,



Still problems today? My activity was imported and it says I did 10 miles, but 0 streets completed and 0 streets progressed.

Yes, as of right now the status page is showing processing times of 11 hours for supporters. There is obviously a large backlog of activities to be processed but rest assured, the servers will catch up and your run will be processed.


It says only 40minutes now. Why has my run from 23rd June still not been processed? Something else is wrong for that day I’m afraid. :thinking:

The Status page is notorious for sometimes not quite displaying the right information - if you open it right when it is in the middle of a process or something like that it can be an inaccurate estimate of the delay

It is 4 minutes now for supporters. How is it possible that I have to wait for 5 days now and still the run has not been counted? Something else is wrong by the looks of it. Can you please help?

FYI, I deleted this activity and re-uploaded it to Citystrides. Within a minute the calculation got corrected. My case can be closed but there seem to be more striders with this issue with runs on on 23rd June.

Prior to deleting your June 23rd activity, were you missing streets completed? And if so, The streets that you now show completed after deleting initial activity and reloading, do they show completed with a date or “manually completed”? Thanks for any info you can provide.