Completed streets are not marked complete :(

There’s a number of streets on the island in de Maas that I ran for the first time (I checked in my Lifemap at,4.463178599999992&11).

I frantically covered all streets to get complete them, but they aren’t even marked as progressed. It was a good run, so I’m not in absolute tears, but I would like to know what happened here that caused them to be registered, but not marked as completed or progressed. Thanks!

A first suggestion is to post a link to your run in CS, and also in Strava or Garmin Connect, whichever you use

Sorry, that’s weird, I forgot the rather fundamental link to the run itself :slight_smile:

That is not a link to the run, but a link to Also it appears you are not sharing your activities.
“Inge Janse has not run at all, or is not sharing their activities.”
This is under Settings, Privacy when you click on your profile picture.