Completed city now appearing incomplete

Hi, I recently completed all streets in a city area but today it’s appearing as incomplete even though all streets are done.

When I look at your profile page now it says 100% for Grangetown, maybe some processing took long time?


As Hans said, I also see it at 100% on your profile. Related, Grangetown received an OSM update today so you may have been looking at your profile while the city and your progress were re-processing.

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At least you are still 100% after an update. I’m still curious how things will be when an OSM update means Striders are no longer 100% in some cities.

If they are no longer 100%, CS will place them in Cities in progress again, with e.g. 99.83%. If you want an example, take a look at the profile of my friend Benny Eriksson. He has now three cities that were 100% complete last month, but not any more…

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I’ve had a few cities come out of completed as there are new streets appearing that were not present when I completed all streets in that area. Is this a common thing when the maps are updated?

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Well, depends on how many active OSM users you have in your neighborhood… and how much new development is done in your area. For me, looking at Stockholm and suburbs, there are a lot of streets in proposed or construction phase. So when done, they will appear in CS - if there is an OSM user who updates accordingly…

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Hi Gareth… I’ve been running Cardiff too over the last 18 months and have noticed there is an OSM update around every 3 months or so that seem to add ‘extra’ nodes to previously completed areas. I think that’s just the way it’s going to be with the city expanding as it is and the local development plan creating new large housing area’s around Radyr, Lisvane, etc, but also ‘stable’ areas like Grangetown and Pontcanna seem to get extra streets every now and then, which I put down to the quality of the OSM data being constantly improved. I expect to be revisiting some areas again at some point as new nodes appear, but I see that as part of the fun! Enjoy the journey!
PS… I think I know your brother, Phil.

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Hi James

Thanks for this :+1:t2: Yeah I was expecting streets from the new developments to start appearing but I was confused why streets in established areas were suddenly appearing when I’d completed the area months ago. What you said about the map data constantly updating and becoming more accurate totally makes sense though. Just gives me more reasons to get out running :grinning:

Yes Phil is my brother. He said you were doing the streets challenge. Looks like you’re almost there too! Well done!

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This is why I came up with this idea: First, second, third, etc. city completion badge

Sorry if you’ve already seen this idea, but as more Striders (with completed cities) have more cities reprocessed, more Striders will notice this aspect.