Completed and progressed showing 0 for old activities


I was just having a look through as I think ones are missing and nearly everything for 2016 shows as 0 and 0.
I was run commuting a lot of the time, so most have made some progress somewhere surely?

Is this a bug?

My Profile is jamie clode - CityStrides

Yes, this is a known bug. :worried:
I know what the problem is, it’s just a matter of getting the time to work it out. I’m hoping to have this fixed up soon.

Thanks James,

Any work around I can do, or is there a way to help? Do you know what the actual issue is? So for example do my current overall achievement stats not include data from before a set date?


Yeah, what’s happpening is the system is ingesting old activities & it uses two API calls - one for the activity and one for the gps points. That second call is sometimes failing due to rate limits.

I have some code that will back fill those, but I want to resolve the issue first.
This does mean that your stats don’t reflect that old data yet. Once I clean up old activities everything will fall into place & report properly.

Thank you James, do you have a rough timeline on this? Appreciate this is a free product, but the value is in the accuracy.

I would like to have this whole problem behind me by the end of this month.

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Hi James, probably you are working hard on the topic of syncing old runs/walks, any update on that?

A bit, yes - I believe I’ve solved the underlying issue. We shouldn’t end up with partial activities any more (stuff with no map).

I still have to go back and resync the old activities. I have an idea on how to do that, but I have to dance around API limits. I’m hopeful that I’m going to have this sorted out on the days/couple weeks timescale.

Wow, thanks for that effort. It was/is really difficult planning my citystrides runs without all those older runs visible.i hope to see a lot of more doodles on the lifetime map soon.

Hey @welshygunner & @petje - I’m expecting to be done reprocessing your activities today.

…trying to go through each of these ‘where are my activities’ threads & give an update with the good news :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing news, thank you. Look forward to seeing ho my % looks later then.
Apologies there are soo many.


Any update on the resync of old stuff? I know I have runs without maps. For example I know that at least March 23-30th have no maps.


I’ve got a system going right now that’s working through all 200k+ activities that need to be reprocessed. I think I estimated that to take almost two weeks to finish.

If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll pause that and run just your activities through.

Ok, that is useful info. @JamesChevalier, does this mean there won’t be updates on recent runs for the coming 2 weeks?
Not a realproblem when you know what is going on, but it would help addicted citystride runners if you would post a information message somehow in this kind of actions/situations.

Good luck with getting all in sync

It might affect the overall speed of completed/progressed streets, but that’s about it.
I’m reprocessing old activities in small batches every fifteen minutes, so it shouldn’t cause too much trouble.

it’s affecting the update of my new runs/walks all right. In the starting page of your site I see all kind of more recent runs passing of other athletes, but since friday my latest runs are still not there. I thought it was because of that reprocessing you are doing.

That’s odd … The Strava webhook should have notified me of those immediately. :frowning:

I just started a sync for your account, so those will start to come in now. It still might take a while to fully complete, because of all the other ongoing work.

What’s your process for tracking/creating your activities? I’m wondering if there’s anything different that might cause Strava not to send an alert for your finished activities…

I always sync the same. Register with polar m600 and while uploading polar flow syncs with strava. I add a title and sometimes pics. That’s it. Thanks for pushing my registrations.

Do you ever have to modify the activity type after it gets into Strava, like from “cycling” to “running”?

Let me know if you go out for another run/walk & CiryStrides doesn’t have the activity in there within a couple hours…

I went for a run this morning and the roads haven’t processed yet. I figured it is just slower because of the backend work going on. But let me know if there is something different I need to do.

Thanks for all of your work. I love the site.