Complete plus Incomplete does not equal Total

When looking at my hometown Lidingö it says 536 streets. i have now 253 complete and 275 Incomplete. But 253 + 275 = 528, not 536… What’s wrong…?

It could be that 536 is wrong. I had a bug in the city update code that would cause it to exit early in certain situations, which caused zero-node streets & incorrect node counts. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also caused incorrect street counts.

If that’s the issue, it’ll get fixed in the next update (roughly monthly).

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OK, thanks, I’ll wait and see!

Hmm, something has happened yesterday or two days ago, now it says that Lidingö has only 530 streets, so six less. But now I have 263 complete and 259 incomplete, 263 + 259 = 522, so still a difference of eight… But it still says the same date “Last updated from OSM: 2020-09-23”. And actually it seems the map has been updated, because I found two streets that had no name in OSM, so I added those to OSM a week ago. Now they are in the CS map, but not in the street listing. Maybe map and lsisting are not updated at the same time?

The visual map you see on CS is generated by MapBox from the OSM data. MapBox update the visual map quite regularly (once every 10 days, at a guess) so the visual image of a street will appear on the MapBox map you see at CS before/after the OSM street nodes have been processed by the (monthly) CS/OSM sync.

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Ok, that explains it partly… but if it still says “Last updated from OSM: 2020-09-23", how come the total number of streets have decreased from 536 to 530 a couple of days ago?