Collaborative Effort

Has anyone else had any success with Community wide/collective challenges? I’d love to challenge my running community to run every single street of our city and see how quickly we can collectively do this.
As an example: Starting June 1, the entire running community has to collectively run every single street of our city before the end of the month.

I’ve received this request a few times, now.

There’s currently no collaborative feature. It doesn’t look like there’s a post for this in #ideas so I’m going to move it in there. :+1:

Are there two things here?

  • ability for a group of people to join their efforts with their full activity history
  • ability for a group of people to collaboratively complete a city within a certain time frame

I’m unsure whether people would want that full history version or not…

The full activity history idea pairs well with this idea that has been bandied about a few times (by me :wink: )

I remember a group from Rochester NY doing this, it was incredible. Not sure how they did it though!

Edit: Rochester Running Co is the username

@timothykunard So it was multiple people on one CS account?

I believe so. They completed Rochester wicked fast. Not sure how they did it though

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Thanks for the note on Rochester Running Co. Just looked them up, looks like it is a singular “User” that is somehow gathering multiple user’s data?
Still unsure if the general concept is doable in the current iteration of that platform as of now.

I can only speak for myself on this one, but the 2nd bullet point would be the main concept that I am looking at. A full history, in this case, would remove the time bound nature of the “challenge”.

I thought this was about something different, so I’ll drop it here.

I collect ‘runwithme’ kilometers, noting which friends came along on a run, and how many km we did (though the latter part is less accurate)

It would be cool to do this as a couple, with my sweetheart, and count only streets we ran together.

That checks my ‘Judi City’ box.

Then, I could run the whole city with another friend (my city is small)

Anyway, great idea as it stands. Looking forward to enjoying some road running for a change.