CityStrides Roadmap

Here’s a short post with a few of my ongoing efforts, to give you all a sense of what I’m focusing on right now. I’ll keep this post updated in place as the roadmap changes.

Global Coverage

I’m working on a way to cleanly import the entire world into CityStrides. This effort fixes gaps in coverage, and deals with data cleanliness (no more buildings mixed in with streets). Given this move, we should all contribute changes to OpenStreetMap when we see bad data (wayward nodes, private roads not accurately marked, etc).

When this is done, I’ll be dropping the whole Flagged Street thing (or changing that to a kind of “someone please fix these in OSM for us” kind of system). I’ll also be closing the Cities To Add thread.

You can help me gather the correct admin levels for each Country - details are over in this thread.

Automatic data updates

It’s great to get this data imported once, but I’ll need a way to stay up to date with changes in OpenStreetMap. I still have to decide on the frequency of these updates - it’s not just the street/node data that needs to be managed, it’s also the progress data.

Route generation

This is still in the planning stages, but the main idea is to be able to select a few unfinished streets & let CityStrides create a route to complete them for you. I need to have conversations about this idea with many of you, to make sure that I’m building something that’s actually useful for you. This is all quite far off in the timeline, given how large the global coverage tasks are.