Citystrides hasn't been syncing with strava since 10/18


@JamesChevalier I’m all good now! Thank you!


Something strange here by my account. I have a sync on october 19th. And the next sync visible in citystrides is oct.24th. But inbetween i have 3 more gpx registrations in strava.
oct 20
oct 21
oct 22

something keeps citystrides fro picking thos up. Any clue?


:+1: Tnx!!


ok @petje you should be all set now!

For some background: Whenever anyone finishes an activity, Strava sends me an alert … I use that alert to create activities immediately / as they happen. At the same time, I have too many Strava users to run periodic synchronizations.
So when an issue like this comes up, I have to run some code to do a full sync for each Strava user. This takes a while (days), so I manually sync accounts for whoever asks for it.
I also add a ‘sync now’ feature for the Monthly Contributors … I can’t make that free because I need to limit its use - if everyone had the ability to sync whenever they wanted, I’d definitely hit Strava’s API limits and nobody would be able to do anything. :grimacing:


Hi James, so far everything worked well for me. But I haven’t run in a while. The g/f’s profile is all good too.


Hey @JamesChevalier I have an activity from 10/22 that’s got the same issue. All the rest of mine have shown up, just that one malingering. Thanks!


Thanks @blhall04 - your account is syncing now… :crossed_fingers:


@JamesChevalier You’re the man, thank you sir!


Perfect! and great to get those insights. I really love seeing your montly sponsoring amounts going up! Good one


Hi @JamesChevalier I’m late to the party but could you also sync my 10/22 run please?


Hey @joexbrewer … just started a sync for your account, so your 10/22 run should come in shortly.


All sorted! thanks @JamesChevalier


I’m all good, thanks so much @JamesChevalier


@JamesChevalier Hopping on this conversation. Mine was not syncing in October so I disconnected my strava account and it deleted all activities (which I was not expecting). After reconnecting with Strava it has only synced since May 2018 and I have activities through at least May 2016. Thanks!


How’s it looking now @derek.r.hutton?


looks great! Thank you!


Hi, my Strava run from yesterday (11/13) didn’t sync. I logged out and logged back in, and today’s run synced, but yesterday never did. Thanks!!


My runs haven’t synched for a couple of weeks now. Any suggestions?


That’s really weird @aldo1010 … Can you try logging out of CityStrides and then logging back in? Let me know when you’ve done that - I’ll start a sync manually afterwards.


Hi James, thanks for the quick response! I just logged out and logged back in but no change. The last run synced was from 10/28.