City versus town

I’m running into some issues in order to complete my ‘city’. Or should I say town. I live in a town called Emmeloord, which is part of the city ‘Noordoostpolder’. The city holds a group of towns, each totally different from eachother. Only juristictionally they belong together (they share one town hall, etc.). These towns are all grouped together into one city, which is very common in the Netherlands.

The problem is that some street names are in multiple towns. Example: “Boslaan”: Rua José Rodrigues de Melo in Capitólio, Minas Gerais - CityStrides. This street resides in both Emmeloord as in Marknesse. I completed it in my town Emmeloord, but not in the town Marknesse.

Is there a way to split up these larger city’s into towns, so I’m able to complete a town? Ofcourse it’s also a challenge for me to complete the entire city of Noordoostpolder, but that will take months (if not, years) for me. A town is much more doable, because it’s close to home.

I hear you, this is common in NL, But also in Germany i guess. Still, to complete for instance a city nearby ‘Schinnen’ would make me run in Schinnen/Oirsbeek/Amstenrade/Puth etc. But i would guess this site should keep it as is. Imagine someone wants to run London, that is splitable in numerous sub area’s and neighbourhoods. Any more opinions on this?

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Same here. Christchurch, New Zealand on OSM is way larger than the actual city. It includes a town that is a 90 minute drive away - Is there any way you could look at this James and cut it up into smaller chunks?

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