City Strider Leaderboard Order

Think I read on a previous post that the city strider leaderboard for a given city is ordered by % complete.
but then when you have multiple 100% complete striders how is it determined?
I’m showing as joint 1st in my city even though I completed first and have no manually completed streets for that city. Also the other strider is private.

Should non private striders with no manual entries take priority over other striders with the same %?

only an idea and probably being picky haha

See Leaderboard order? topic

Tl;dr from James - Completion percentage and then “…Any further ordering is internal database magic.”

IMO no. Privacy status & manual entries are each user’s choice and each user may have difference reasons for using them. Bumping them down the list because they use the features seems like a punishment.


Any idea what the database magic is? haha.

Totally agree its a users choice to go private and use manual completion.
But gps completion of a street seems a logical ordering choice over manual.
just want to know what the order is.

I know this private strider thats all :rofl:

Could very well be ordered by the database ID for each strider. Just a number… I could guess that a strider with a lower number enlisted earlier in CS, but that might be wrong…

That was my initial guess too but I’ve seen the order of 100% folks change between logins.

While most folks likely use a GPS device to record, some folks may not have one. That means their only option is manual completion. Seems like in poor taste to drop them down the list because of this digital divide.

Or as another example, there are some GPS devices that don’t record as accurately in certain environments. Personally, I know my couple years old watch struggles in cities with large buildings (ex: downtown San Francisco). My recordings in those areas are squiggly lines jumping through buildings even though the streets are dead straight, grid structure. As such, I know there are certain streets I’ll never be able to complete via raw GPS data. However, potentially someone with a different (likely more expensive) device can get more accurate GPS data.

yeah your right there are legit reasons for using manual completion; but i thought you could only manually complete a handful of times?

I just wanted to know what the order of sequencing was on the leaderboard and trying to come up with a fair way so i’m ahead of my private strider friend haha.
Must be something random like db internal id but sure i was signed up before him too so maybe not that either.

Maybe @JamesChevalier or someone can help and know the inner details of how the leaderboard is decided when percent is the same.