City Progress over time?

Can I look at the data in any way, so i can see my progress over time on my city since I started? Analysis of how many streets / much % was added say weekly? I know I can do this by remembering to regularly write down my stats in a spreadsheet :slight_smile:

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It would be cool to have somewhere to display the miles/streets/activities graph on the city page for a logged in user, but only pulling data for activities in that city. And instead of y-axis for streets being the raw number, could be % of total

Have you looked on your Lifemap, then clicked the little movie camera icon. I think you may like that…


@18945368a4555f8cccf4 Cool. I never noticed that before, on the LM.

Do you know if the play speed can be slowed down? Or the animation downloaded?


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It can’t. But you can record your screen and make your own video. Then you can change your playback speed to your liking. I believe today the speed is 1 activity every 50ms. So if you run longer activities that are unique, your map will play much faster than someone who does lots of short activities or repeats streets.

Now that I’m run streaking and log at least 1 activity every single day (many of them just the same-ish 1-2 mile loop around my house) my months go a lot slower than they did when I started logging my runs in 2013 and only did a few runs a week (or sometimes only 1 a month)

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Boosting this because I thought of it unprompted yesterday. I just completed another “city” (really, a neighborhood of a county that contains multiple municipalities) in Portugal. I know that computational tasks cost processing/server power and thus $$, so perhaps the city progress chart could either be a) only available to supporters, or b) unlockable such that you can only see it when you have achieved 100%, thus creating a little benefit/incentive other than the mere fact of being at 100%.

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I was thinking of this feature while walking yesterday. My son takes an occasional screenshot of my Lifemap and shares it with his friends and it would be a cool clip to show your Ms. Pack-Man domination of the map over time! Not essential, just cool.

Replying to my own earlier and ill-informed suggestion but the feature of “map over time” is already on the CS site! I was being computer blind but just click your LifeMap and the video camera icon and it draws the streets completed forwarding month by month. And the filter for selecting dates is also cool. Not sure if there is any way to change the playback interval from ‘by month’ to ‘by week’ or ‘by day’.

Yep - you may want to see this discussion and add to it here: Lifemap rerun improvements - make more like a video interface?

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