City name missing from completion notification

I completed a city today and received a notification with the stats, etc. I noticed that the message starts “All your hard work has paid off - you’ve run every street in !”, which seems like it should include the name of the city before the exclamation mark…

Is there any way for you to determine which city the notifications was for?
I think it might have been for Simmering.

Is this in the email or the in-site notification?
I’m guessing it’s the email, because the in-site notification does appear to display the correct info (link to notification)

In the email, are there more details that are missing?
For example “It took a total of [NUMBER] activities to finish” or “There are [NUMBER] streets in [NAME]”

It was indeed for Simmering, it’s just the name missing, the stats were included. I’ve attached a screenshot of the on-site notification. I haven’t actually checked the email, but I can have a look if the behavior is mirrored there.

The link you posted is also missing the name of the city in the first sentence, does it display it for you? :thinking:

Ah, thanks - got it!
That’ll be fixed up in the next release.