City limits and nodes

Hi, I noticed that there are a few streets that are outside the city limits, however they have two nodes at the intersection listed as part of the city. And even though the two nodes are green the street remains marked as incomplete. See atached for instance. Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 2.50.24 PM|525x500

A screen shot doesn’t really give enough information. Can you send a link to the actual run? That might give more information.

Does this help? The street in this case is Sudbury. It shows two nodes in The Colony, the rest are probably Plano. This street is also mostly in a gated community, I updated it in OSM as private, so maybe that will fix it?

The link you shared is just the citystrides home page. Share the city page instead and it will have the info needed to take a look.

That’s super weird … that link does point to CityStrides but since it’s private it redirects to the homepage. I don’t know why the alert doesn’t appear (it does appear if you copy/paste the link).

I expect that this city just hasn’t been updated - the update also removes nodes that are outside the city border.

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Thanks James!! Good to know.