City formerly at 100% now at 85%

It’s not that new streets got added either. I went to the Incomplete tab and looked at the very first street and my heatmap shows I’ve run the whole thing. The nodes on the street page show I’m missing some in the middle though.

City is Albany, NY, first street I looked at is 1st St, appropriately.

Now that I look at it more it looks like it’s possible that some runs which show on the heat map no longer trigger the nodes?

Can you share some links to activities that should have completed nodes/streets?

I think this one might not be logging correctly as an example.

And this one for sure, since it was the last street in the city and it’s listed as not completed.

I think you need to also give some examples of streets that should have been completed by these runs, but where not

This is a street completed during the first run I posted that is showing as not completed now. It was completed when I did the run but something happened since.