City Broken: Broomfield, Colorado

I think I know why Broomfield is messed up. On Open Street Maps there are two versions of the city. One the for real city that I have >25% of the roads completed, and the other “City and County of Broomfield”, which is just a small segment of highway. Only the latter version of Broomfield is in the new upgrade, not the actual city of Broomfield.

Here’s all the “Broomfield” data we have to work with:

If you click the first two in the list, you’ll see how the first one is quite large and the second one is just a dot. I won’t be able to use that ‘dot’ version because it’s a Node and not a Relation.

I’m surprised that the first one made it into CityStrides at all, because I wasn’t retrieving cities at that admin level. I wonder if that was bad data in OpenStreetMap that has since been cleaned up…

Interesting. Yes, the first map is similar to the map you had for Broomfield on CityStrides prior to the upgrade.