City Boundary Question

I did a run in Sandia Heights which is not part of Albuquerque and can be seen on the map as falling outside of the city boundary, but the streets still count as belonging to Albuquerque in CS.

Link to run: CityStrides

Thank you!!

FYI Your activity looks to be private so we can’t access it. Your picture is sufficient to get the idea of where the run was though.

The blue borders are pulled from OpenStreetMap (OSM) into CityStrides (CS) but they don’t get updated in the regular CS city updates (that occur ~6-8 weeks). Albuquerque looks to have expanded their city borders since the last time the border was updated in CS. Here is the current border in OSM. It extends in the northeast corner of the city where your run occurred.

@JamesChevalier can you update the city border?

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Thanks for sharing the details here. I just queued up a border update for Albuquerque. This data is cached, so it may take a bit for the border to update in our browsers.

Thank you!!!

Looks like the fix is in!