City and Street progress missing

Hi to all, lets have some patience, in a few days all will look pretty :slight_smile:

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That would just figure… my very first post in the community is a dupe! LOL
James, thank you for the hard work on this. It’s really just a nice thing to have added to the game fo running all the streets. Greece didn’t even exist on CS until recently, so this is progress!

7272 stil has no progress

My number has gone back to 4500+ but most of the cities in my list appear twice…

:laughing: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, España and Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France :man_facepalming:
I’ll delete the incorrect Spain region & that’ll sort it out.

(The link for the region in Spain may not work in a few minutes; I’m deleting the data now)

Just wondering if everyone’s Profile pages look normal after the switch? Mine only has percentages from the past week or so, and when I finish a street I started before then it say I’m still only in progress, like it’s not taking into account any runs earlier than mid-Sept.

ahh, just saw the other thread. no hurry. and good luck, James!


I noticed that my percentage went down form about 32% to 4% a few days ago. I didn’t think much of it because the map still showed all the streets I’ve run. It looks like the reason why the percentage went down is because most of my past runs are not in the records anymore. The map is still correct for some reason though. Thank you so much for your help with this!


I just logged in today after a while and noticed almost all my nodes have been reset. My percentage went down to 0.17% as well. I noticed other people in the city “striders” list are also affected.

@wmcwik & @tkdboy2 yeah, sorry - it’s a known issue that I’m working on
check out City and Street progress missing - #81 by JamesChevalier
I’ll be merging this post into that thread

Hi James,

First off, just want to say really cool site. I just discovered it a month or two ago. Having lots of fun with it.

Secondly, apologies that I’m replying here despite your plea against doing just that, but…I’ve followed the link to your profile page and for the life of me I cannot see a ‘Message’ button anywhere. I don’t know if its staring me in the face and I’m overlooking it somehow. But I’ve searched and searched to no avail. So here we are.

All of my progress has disappeared and no new progress is being recorded, though my life map is updating normally. I just wanted to be sure that if you are working through individual accounts on a fix that I’m not overlooked. I do see other people’s progress is being recorded on the home page.

Thank you! And apologies again for replying here. I hope you can point me in the direction of the ‘Message’ button you were referring to.

The message button should be in the top right of his profile page.

Hey matts,

Yeah it’s there now. Definitely was not before. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I was new to the forum. My ‘Trust’ status has been upped and now I can see the message button.

Thanks for the message

Hey James… I just noticed your email you sent last week about the updated changes! So, just to add to your to-do list, I am a subscriber/supporter and user id 8004 and it is only showing recent data, so it looks like mine needs updated as well. I thought there used to be a Sync Now button or something, but didn’t see it. Looks like all the historical runs are there, just not updated completed nodes, etc. No rush, just making sure I’m on your radar.


No worries. Welcome to the forum!

Thanks James for all of your work (and long hours) on this You had said that all subscribers and supporters should be fixed, but like many others, my page still shows my actually completed streets as incomplete. My user ID # is 8595 the link is Ron Adams - CityStrides Thanks for all you do … Ron Adams

Until today, I had completed about 17% of Baltimore and my list of cities where I had completed streets was quite long. When I logged in today, it only shows me having completed about 25 streets across four cities. All of my activities are still showing up, and if I look at my Lifemap, it looks like everything is still there. When I search cities for Baltimore, it doesn’t even show up anymore. Did a lot of cities just disappear from CityStrides?

I have the same problem, last 5 runs are showing streets completed and progressed, the rest before that all showing 0 streets. Life map all there, I’m just 700+ streets missing from the total. Hoping there is a simple fix as I love this website!


Thanks @rus.golden would you mind messaging me your user I’d here in the forum?

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