City and Street progress missing

I still have the problem. 40 pages with activities on my profile, but only a few streets on the first page. The 39 pages are blank

I bribed James to do that to you. It was the only way I was going to catch up to you. It worked better than I hoped! :wink:


Still waitin’ on that bribe money :wink: :laughing:


This thread is getting quite long, so I’ll post an update…

My initial pass through of matching up existing activities to all the new data missed piles of activities.
I’m going through that process again, in the order of Subscribers → Supporters → Everyone else. There’s a lot to go through, so that last group is going to take :man_shrugging: probably a couple days. I’m hopeful that the first two groups are finished today.

Since it seems to be affecting so many people, I’m just going through everyone rather than spot check. Please hold off on any more “also my account” posts for now. I’m going to post another update in this thread when (I think) I’m done - if there is any missing progress at that point, I’ll invite people to shout. :smile:


Hi James

i hope you are still syncing ?
My life map looks ok but I see only a few days in my profile and in the cities I run (Only from 18 sep 2019). For instance Amsterdam from 78,49 % to 1,21% :slight_smile:
I think all my runs before that date are not (yet?) syncronised?
I see 117 streets, that should be something like 6000+ i thought give or take a 1000
I also see 340 striders instead of 941 before in Amsterdam?
lastly i noticed that the number of ‘streets’ has changed from 6440 to around 4700 that is in line with expectations

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Hi @JamesChevalier. As you mentioned above,the resync for subscribers/supporters should be through around now, i still see 38 streets at my profile instead of almost 5000. You think it takes a bit longer than 24 hours to get all synced again?

Just popping back in to let you know that my account has been fixed and to say thank you! LOVING the new update! Especially since I tend to run backroads so much, and now they’e associated with progress!

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How is it possible: a lot of streets are missing in my list of completed streets? I had 970 completed streets, now only 255.
There are streets where i have been trough with red nodes.

Is there some problem?

Yes, my lifemap looks als still good. I hope all the streets will be back soon.

Hey @JamesChevalier ,

Just wanted to note that everything seems to have updated. It’s a bit of a bummer about the new nodes, so I lost a number of completed streets, but that’s no big deal. I’ll get around to them.

I’m up to 69.2% of Brooklyn, back to 2nd place behind @crystalbells. Just a note, you can take your time with @qaptainqwerty . He tells me he’s in no rush to see his results. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My street count seems to have disappeared/is having weird issues, even though lifemap still looks good:


Everything is good now, thanks a lot

Nearly all of my progress is gone, but my LifeMap still looks correct.

I notice that others who used to be at the top of the Seattle leaderboard are also similarly affected.

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the work your doing on the site to improve the cities. I’m excited to see how it looks once the updates are all completed.

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Just another quick update…

Subscribers & Supporters (as of two days ago) should be all fixed up. If you became a supporter/subscriber yesterday or today then I may have missed you - click the ‘Message’ button from here and let me know so I can get your account fixed.

I’m working through all of the rest of the accounts now. There are 9580 accounts left as of right now, and it looks like I can do them in batches of 100. I can’t afford to keep all these high powered servers running, so this might take some time.

I’ll post again when I’m completely done, to make sure nothing was missed.


Mine account hasn’t been fixed yet.

Mark Davis


@JamesChevalier: as you mention in this thread for an hour ago, that all subscribers/supporters should be ok now, i still have only 38 streets showing instead of 5000. So not all are fixed i guess… :cry:


Ditto. Supporter but still only have a very small # of streets back