City and Street progress missing

All Subscriber accounts should be finished. If you’re a Subscriber & your progress isn’t up to date :scream: click the ‘Message’ button from here and let me know so I can get your account fixed.

All accounts outside of the User ID range 5955 - 11000 should also be finished.

I’m working through all of the rest of the accounts in that range now. I can’t afford to keep a lot of high powered servers running, so this will take some time. If you want your account to jump the queue, Become a Supporter and message me.

FYI, User 5862… now premium. Wasn’t updated. Thanks for your hard work.

Thanks for the updates on the progress youre making! Much appreciated. Getting close to my id in the 8000’s :slight_smile:

FYI User id 4145 did not seem to get fixed.

Im just returning to the site to take another stab at another town so not currently a subscriber.

Hi, I noticed something odd the other day when I noticed I had progressed a few dozen streets that I had previously completed. Then when looking at my lifemap for nodes to run, my map is covered in red nodes on streets I have clearly run. Looks like something odd going on in my profile.

. Thanks!

Do the percentages look right in your profile? Stewart Harding - CityStrides
Maybe it’s City and Street progress missing - #170 by JamesChevalier

(I’m reprocessing your account now, just in case)

Apologies for missing that thread. I have a few months of 0 streets progressed, when there must have been some, but with the map fully updated. Hopefully a reset will sort it all out, thanks :grin:

No worries! I’m going to merge this into that thread now. :+1:


User ID 8845. Just became a contributor (2 months worth) .

Can i jump the queue please?

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I took a break from City Strides and am recently back at it. However, this past spring I had approximately 45% of streets in my city completed and now that is only showing about 4%. The Life Map is correct but the nodes along most routes I have run have turned to incomplete (they were marked completed earlier this year).

Thanks for you help with this issue!


This a known issue with all accounts and is the process of being remedied.

The map was updated to be more “correct” but account progress was lost in the process. Your progress is there, but it will take an account update to get it showing again. Accounts are being processed as quickly as possible with the available resources.

See this (ever-growing) post:

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Thanks for helping, @jpbari !
I just started the process for your account, @riekeamy … I’m going to merge this into that other thread now. :+1:

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User 6323 reporting as 2 month supporter! :innocent:

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User 7049 reporting as new supporter! Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks for all you do!

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Hi! I’m still missing some percentages of city’s I runned. Can this be fixed?
Soest (The Netherlands) had more than 10 percent and now only 2.

Still working on it

Alright, as far as I’m aware all data has been reprocessed.

If your progress isn’t up to date :scream: :sob: click the Message button on this page and tell me your User ID or share your profile link.