City and Street progress missing


Yeah, I figured out the problem - I missed a step. :flushed: :grimacing: :man_facepalming:
I’m about 1/4 of the way through correcting the problem … shouldn’t be much longer!


@JamesChevalier good luck! Issue is same for me.

Awesome! And bravo on the new upgrade! Lots of new towns and cities appearing that I remember running but not previously being in the database. Consider me a huge fan of the upgrades. Thanks for keeping this site upgraded and cool!

OK, that all finished up!
Let me know if anything still looks wrong.

Still a few quirks. I did notice most notably the fairly large city of Broomfield, Colorado disappeared, and a few of my friends/competitors are still at 0%. Also, cities I have some mileage in but ~0% streets completed are no longer on my “home page”

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I’m still at 4-ish percent where I was over 82 in my standard city. Lifemap still good and purple though so it might just be slow somewhere. And still missing my activities from September 22 and 23 but I believe you were working on that as well.

Other than this evening’s run and one that may have been my first ever strava run, all my street progress is missing, although it shows up on lifemap. Also still missing some activities between the 22nd and 24th September, but those are probably still in the strava api sync queue.

Yeah, it looks like @poekie.porridge is seeing something similar and @cmrozoff noticed others with the same problem. I’m manually walking through the data processing for a single account, to see if that fixes things.

Update: Ugh. I’ve confirmed that - overall - there are fewer completed Nodes in the new data set … it looks like some amount of the processing didn’t work. Looks like I’m going to have to take another pass. :angry:

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Nearly everything is missing for me, I had progress in 12-15 cities, now it is only showing one, and that one’s percentage is way down from where it was. Just wanted to put it on your radar :slight_smile:

Yeah, really sorry!

I’m working through reprocessing everyone (just in case) in the order of: Subscribers, Supporters, everyone else. I don’t have a timeline, yet, but as soon as I can guess one that feels accurate enough I’ll share.


No apologies needed, I wasn’t complaining, just wanted to chime in because I saw your post ~an hour earlier saying everything was on the mend. No worries at all, take days or a few weeks even, getting it all right eventually is way more important than having it now. Thanks again for all you do!


Thanks for all the effort you put into this. It sounds like a super complicated project that’s taken a lot of work. I’m sorry if I came across as having a moan - it wasn’t my intention. :slight_smile:


Same here. I’m super appreciative of all you do, James. Can’t wait to see my progress once my account refreshes.

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So I see new cities in my area which is great but I was 100 percent in my city. Now down to 35 with red nodes on streets I have clearly run. Also renewed my support right before this upgrade and have not been granted my extra features. Anything to do but wait it out?

For me it worked! Awesome! Back to running :grin:

Good luck with the rest of the backlog. I’m happy my city is now no longer 10% buildings, brooks and rivers and even the city borders have been corrected.

Hi. I also seem to have lost my entire history. My default city in Lifemap is not in the Netherlands anymore. It is now Pittsburgh, US instead? Could you please check this?

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Hi James, is it lack of patience from me or is there a reason i only see 38 streets on my name compared to 4970 last time i looked?

Is there a way to remap all runs from oldest to newest? Now the runs from last weeks have tons of streets in progress although before i already had done them a long time ago, but htose runs are not processed.

It’s not a great deal, just curious how it works. In the end all my completed cities will return i am sure.

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James you’ve destroyed my stats!!! I’m assuming I just need to be patient while all the data gets resynced, but I do want you to know I went from 1150ish streets to 50, and from a dozen or so cities to 4. My map still looks right so it’s probably a matter of the streets catching up.

My life map still looks ok but I lost my completed cities list in my profile and all activities show 0 completed streets and 0 progress