Cities without streets

Yeah, that’s not likely something I can fix. All the nested cities of LA were removed from OSM. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Here you go, Jim. I haven’t seen this one reported yet.

Kingman, Arizona (Kingman, Arizona - CityStrides)

Here’s one that I didn’t see reported:
Cottage Lake, Washington - CityStrides

Cottage Lake is behaving strangely… It still exists in OSM Relation: ‪Cottage Lake‬ (‪237545‬) | OpenStreetMap but the Overpass query is not returning any streets.
I see it was edited 7 days ago - I’ll try the query again in a couple days to see if it’s just a data lag.

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Hi James,

It seems that all or most of the cities from Latvia have been updated, and some have been fixed. However, there are seven that look like they were updated on August 12, which are still showing 0 streets.


Are these cities’ fixes still in progress, or was there an error in the update?

I have a few more regions in Latvia to fix up :sweat_smile: lots of work, unfortunately

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I just finished cleaning up Vidzeme, Latvija - CityStrides by removing all existing cities (from admin level 6) and re-importing cities at admin level 7 & 8. I also manually brought in Rīga, since that was level 6 & there wasn’t another ‘city’ to take its place.
The city list should be correct now, but overall processing will take a while

I think I have to review Latgale, Latvija - CityStrides as well - I’m noticing some zero-street cities in that region as well. :sweat_smile:
It just had a couple cities that needed its OpenStreetMap ID updated :+1:

Most everything seems to have processed and looks great. Thank you for taking the time!

Only one thing seems to be missing - there is no Jūrmala. I think it may have to come in at Level 6 like Rīga.

Yup! Relation: ‪Jūrmala‬ (‪13048687‬) | OpenStreetMap
Thanks - I’ll get that in today’s batch.

Staunton, VA is still listed with zero streets, thanks!

Hey James, sorry to revive an old thread. It seems there are at least four cities which have zero streets after a recent update (from 3/29) - Mārupe, Salaspils pagasts, Babītes pagasts, and Rīga. Also, for some reason most of my pinned cities became un-pinned.

Can you please check on the city updates for me?

I recently reworked Latvia, because their administrative levels changed. It’s possible that some/most of your cities are actually completely new records. This would cause them to “become un-pinned” (in reality they were deleted and recreated).

I’ll look into getting streets added.

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Hi James, when you sorted North Somerset recently, I found another one I missed telling you about with zero streets. It is Congresbury:
Congresbury, England - CityStrides

Hope this helps…