Cities list under profile with 0.0% progression

in the profile page there is a list with cities with progression, sorted on progression percentage.
I have 11 pages with cities, but the last half of those pages as with cities that have 0.0% progression. ergo: there are no runs/walks in those cities. This is because i cleaned up my history.
Is there a way to delete 0.0% progression cities from that list?

For me there are 0% cities showing up, if I have a run/walk there but no completed streets (i.e. only completed nodes, but no full streets). Maybe that’s whats happening for you as well?

I don’t have runs or walks anymore on all those pages full of cities, cos i cleaned up those runs. I guess James didn’t anticipate on users deleting enough runs to get a city from >0 % to 0%.

Yeah, @dominik-schneider is right in that it’s based on completed nodes not streets.
And @petje is also right that while the activity deletion does clean up the completed nodes/streets data, I missed deleting the ‘orphaned’ running cities as well. I’ll look into this.