Cities in the Netherlands are sometimes shown as from Belgium

I don’t know the logarythms to identify cities and their country they belong to, but in the south of the Netherlands something goes wrong.
All cities in the dutch province ‘Limburg’ are identified as ‘Belgium’ although this is clearly not the case.
Maybe the problem lies in that there is also a Belgium province with exact the same name (they used to be one province in the old days) It’s not blocking, but quite confusing and simply not a correct visualization of the real world.

I think that’s it … I figured out the latitude/longitude by shoving the city name (I thought I included the region & country too, though) through a lookup service. I think I got back some bad data for some cities.
It’s on my list of things to sort out - this helps to know that I can focus on the Netherlands. Thanks!

Cool! good luck, with this amazing cool app on strava data

Yep it shows my town Kerkrade, Limburg as Belgium but should be Netherlands. So I have the same problem.

I know it’s jut a nice to have, but do you find some time to get to the country error o some cities in the Netherlands? I can imagine this is way low on your priorities, but just asking…

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Thanks for bumping this! I’ve built up a bit of a backlog of work on city data, and it’s good timing for that.

Still the case, for example for the NL-Limburg city of Venlo.