Cities in Ghana, West Africa

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I am currently prepping a Disney project in Ghana, West Africa. While I’m here, I’m still doing some walking and running, but I noticed that CityStrides isn’t recognizing the streets here. Two examples:

That first one is in the capital and largest city of Accra while the second one is in the city of Cape Coast. Neither are in unincorporated countryside. I have a feeling this has to do with the administrative levels at OSM, but, while I’ve made hundreds of updates there, I’ve never been very good about fixing city level and boundary issues. Is anyone willing to take a quick look?

Thank you!

It looks like Ghana hasn’t been imported as yet. The relation for Accra looks well defined in OSM, so should be easy to import (Relation: ‪Accra‬ (‪12803764‬) | OpenStreetMap). Getting the correct admin level for Cape Coast looks trickier.
Overall it’s worth noting that you might not bag as many streets as expected since many streets are not named in OSM and therefore won’t make it to CS. I suppose you could map them as you go along and get credit once the city gets updated :slightly_smiling_face:. Unfortunately many areas of the world have this issue…

Thank you! So I guess it’s not automatic that CityStrides imports the world. But where here did you find that Ghana hasn’t been imported yet? Is there a list of countries that have been done vs. not done?

To get it imported, does that mean nudging @JamesChevalier? If it’s not too much trouble and doesn’t take up too much server space, I’d love to see Ghana added. I’ll be here for six weeks out of the next three months! I’ll go crazy with boredom if I don’t have CS for all that time. :slight_smile:

I sampled a few locations with node hunter, when these didn’t return any nodes I checked the country page for Ghana, which is just an empty shell, with no regions and cities (Ghana - CityStrides).

There is a sheet for adding cities, I can queue up Ghana there for you. After that it’s up to @JamesChevalier to do his magic…

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I’ve got the regions figured out for Ghana but the city admin level choices are tough…

If you visit overpass turbo and click the top left Run button and then the ‘continue anyway’ button in the modal that pops up and then :sweat_smile: click the magnifying glass icon within the map … that’ll display all the admin level 6 places, which has great coverage across the country. Some of them seem quite large, though.

If you zoom in pretty close while at Relation: ‪Cape Coast Metropolitan District‬ (‪12979601‬) | OpenStreetMap and right click a street and choose “query features” … the left column will update to list nearby features & below that it will list out all the areas that contain the selected location. Doing this shows that there’s simply nothing mapped in OSM below that admin level 6 … So it seems like that’s my only choice for now.

I’m importing all the admin level 6 now. If a lower level is mapped out in the future, I’d be happy to remove all the admin level 6 & replace it with smaller areas.

I wasn’t the one who asked, but thank you for adding Accra!!!

I spent time in Ghana visiting a friend 8 years ago. Had a great time, but running in the urban areas of Ghana is not easy. Traffic all over the place and the roads, often dirt with car swallowing potholes, can make for some tough runs.

Wow, that was fast! I think Accra itself is still missing, no? It looks like some of the entities for Accra metropolitan region should be embedded within the city as well.
Looking at the other regions shows how little is mapped in OSM, so many 0 street cities! Or are they still being imported?

Yeah, the import is still running. It will likely take a number of hours to complete. There’s also a lot of error responses from my Overpass service that I need to look into… that’s slowing updates and imports down a lot.

It comes across as:


Makes me think of when I run in Manhattan and it gets broken up into Community Boards.

Wow, I definitely, definitely appreciate the promptness in adding this country! This 6.5-miler from yesterday morning went from being “0 completed, 0 progressed” to “6 completed, 36 progressed”. Amazing. What other major website that we use every single day is there where we can tag the creator and request such a fast update? Certainly not Facebook. Haha! (Consequently, I’m trying to double my support level, but, FYI, there’s a billing glitch).