Cities, communities and islands without nodes

Several issues.

Some cities have very few nodes. Such as the historical Salamis Municipality and island.

Some other cities don’t have any nodes at all. As for example Serifos island

There are even cases that different towns or even entire islands form one big Municipality like for example Thira, also known as Santorini

Is there a way to resolve that? Is there practical I could contribute to updates so that those municipalities will be fully covered?

Hi @nikolaoskarellos , there’s a lot of good info in the Wiki - CityStrides Community

Just look at the articles about adding and editing in OSM (Open Street Map).

Welcome and good luck!

Thank you Eric

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Cities without streets (and therefore nodes) are problematic because the global update code only updates cities with people running them … but a city can’t have anyone running them if it’s empty … so I have to manually push those into the queue.

These cities should be updated today. If there are still missing streets, then Eric is correct that this data would need to be added/updated in OpenStreetMap.