Charlotte, NC missing

Just pointing out, thanks!

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Weird! It’s here but it has 0 streets.
This has happened with at least one other city. :thinking:

Charlotte’s boundary polygon (and one adjacent town) was broken (loop wasn’t closed). It was an error in OpenStreetMap that’s since been fixed.

Dude. Who are you even??
Seriously, though, thank you!

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If you think that’s messed up, check out the situation in Hawaii…

I don’t even know how to check out ‘the situation in Hawaii’ :laughing: :sob:
Some serious imposter syndrome going on over here :grimacing:

The situation – in short – there’s no such thing as city boundaries in Hawaii since all government is at the county level. There is an ongoing debate in OSM circles about whether the boundary for Honolulu (the only admin boundary below the county level) should even exist on the map. So, I’m sure that Honolulu is the only city in Hawaii that you have represented.

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