Changing activity type in MMR doesn't delete activity in CS

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I have some bike rides from long ago that for unknown reason are categorized as runs in MMR. I want to eliminate them from CS so they don’t pollute my completions.

At first I assumed I would have to find them and delete them from CS, but after deleting one I read the CS Delete Notification that said it might have been deleted because I changed the type.

I went to MMR and changed a different activity from “run” to “bike ride” and initiated a sync, but the activity didn’t get deleted. The first activity I had deleted (but hadn’t re-categorized) came back - this wasn’t a big surprise.

My question is:

  • Should changing the activity type in MMR to a non-run/walk activity automatically cause it to get deleted in CS?
  • Do I need to change the type and the manually delete?

– Matt

MapMyFitness doesn’t send alerts of updates/deletions - just creations. So just updating the activity type in MapMyFitness won’t change anything in CityStrides.

Yeah - to remove those activities, you’ll need to update the activities in MapMyFitness to “bike ride” and then delete them in CityStrides manually.

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