Challenge for Quebec City


I created a challenge for my personal challenge to run all the streets of Quebec City between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.
This indicates 303 streets remaining as 7th Street but this street has already been completed since January 16, 2020

Why does this street appear in incomplete streets and how do I know exactly how many streets I haven’t done since January 1, 2020?



There’s an enormous delay in processing Challenges. We probably shouldn’t even think about debugging things for another ~16 hours.

This issue might be related to (or at least caused by) Site down June 2 where Something Happened™ with Challenges overnight - I think a particularly large Challenge was created. I didn’t have some memory-safety code in place, and it :boom:

Let’s see how things look later tomorrow…

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Is the issue of Challenges solved on your end?
I don’t see any change in my challenge for Quebec city.


Thanks for your patience :sweat_smile: it’s a super busy time for me right now…

I verified that the data it should be picking up is being picked up, so I’m expecting that the downtime issues I was working through played a part in some of your data not being processed. I re-queued the processing for your Challenge, so I’m hopeful that this will correct everything.

I’m unsure how long this will take, so I’ll check on things after work today. Let me know if you see any good/bad changes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This is interesting!!

You only completed 12 of the 14 nodes within 2020, which puts it under 100% complete.
This activity in 2017 progressed two of the nodes, which marks it as completed in the main site.

These are all the activities that made progress on the street:

ok thanks, i understand now!

But I don’t understand why this street is validated out of challenge when only 64% is completed
I thought it took 90%

street :

Also, the streets that I have manually validated are not taken into account in the challenge.
For example, this street
This is a private road.
Can manually completed streets count towards the challenge?